What is the Best Sleeping Position?

If you ever ask anyone what he truly desires, he will tell you sleeping. People sleep to recharge energy and to fuel up for their upcoming days. Your sleep quality and satisfaction go hand in hand with the sleeping position you had all night. Did you have a major hectic night? The day will be tremendously tiring and a total nightmare. So what is/are the best sleeping position/s?

As per researchers and scientists, the common sleeping positions are three, back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. But what is/are the best sleeping positions?

The quality of your sleep is determined by how comfortable sleeping has been at night and if you have the facilities contributing to making it satisfactory. The best sleeping position is the one that supports your spine through the hip.

Reasons for Recommending Back Sleeping

Back sleeping has been known for its beneficial factors and the positive effect it has on sleep. The reason it is deemed beneficial is because of the spine alignment and bodyweight distribution all over the body. This also guarantees to relieve pressure, neck, and back pain due to the straight posture.

To have a good night’s sleep lying on your back, try resting your hands by your side and using a memory foam pillow to keep your head and shoulders evenly resting and sinking to prevent any additional pains. Shoulder pain will also have a good share of a pain-free experience sleeping on your back.

Why is also back sleeping important? Aside from neck, shoulder, and back pain, a stuffed nose will get better with the following recommended procedure. To avoid an increase in your nasal congestion, use another pillow and place it on your upper back for an upright position.

Using this procedure enables your airways to open and may also drain your stuffed nose.

The last advantage of ling straight on your back is to avoid wrinkles. No one desires to see a bit of a wrinkle here and there. Sleeping on your stomach agitates wrinkling so try avoiding it and switching to either back sleeping on side sleeping.

Back sleeping recap:

1. Perfect for neck, shoulder, and back pain

2. Good for a stuffy nose

3. Good for the skin


Reasons for Recommending Side Sleeping

The second most desirable sleeping position is side sleeping. Whether sleeping on your left or your right, this may be the very first position any person positions himself after hopping to bed.

Side sleeping is beneficial for pregnant women because it has less pressure on their organs and their back, people with sleep apnea or those who snore, people with acid reflux, people that face back pains, and older people.

Is there a better side than the others? Obviously, yes. Despite both being good yet left side sleeping has been said to be better for organs. Right side sleeping may increase the chance of heartburn but if you are comfortable sleeping that way do it under the common procedure.

Sleeping on either of your sides has to be perfected. Sleeping less symmetrically increases your risk of pain symptoms upon waking up. To avoid any unexpected pains, use pillows to align your spine from the hips to your head. Place the pillows on either side of your body to keep yourself in place and place a pillow between your knees to even out the hips.

Side sleeping recap:

1. Best for pregnant women

2. Good for people suffering from acid reflux

3. Good for people with sleep apnea or snoring problems

4. Perfect for back pains

5. Perfect for older people

Sleep as You Desire and Feel Comfortable

Sleeping is a preference. If you are more comfortable sleeping on your stomach rather than either your back or your sides then do. For a better posture in all cases try using props such as pillows, towels, or blankets to secure your body alignment and avoid excessive pains.

Written by: Venus Marwani

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