How Would You Limit Snoring?



If any one of you or your partner snore regularly, you are looking for ways to stop snoring. In adults between the ages of 30 and 60, 44% of men and 28% of women may snore regularly. About half of all humans over the age of 60, are more prone to snore. 

Snoring is the sound that occurs when the air passes through the partially blocked airways. The tissue at the top of the airways touches and vibrates, causing snores.

Snoring is embarrassing to the person that snores and annoying to the people that surrounds him. Despite the first-hand embarrassment and annoyance, snoring can cause problems or indicate underlying health problems. Different people snore for different reasons. Trying out different tips for treating snoring can change your life for sure.

What are Some Snoring Treatments?

Treating constant and excessive snores start with certain adjustments to your daily routine.

1. Sleep on Your Side

Most of the snoring dilemma starts because of the position you sleep. Sleeping on your back enhances the likelihood of snoring due to your head position, not your body position.

The best sleeping position for people that snore is the side position. If you find a hard time adjusting your body on the side you can assist it using pillows to keep your head and body in position.

2. Use Nasal Strips

A quick treatment for snoring relies on using nasal strips. Nasal strips are easy to use and are found in almost all pharmacies.

Internal and external nasal strips and dilators are designed to improve airflow while you sleep. Usually, nasal strips and dilators work on putting tension on the nose to open the nasal passage.

An external nasal strip is attached to the outside of the nose with an adhesive. To maintain its shape, it pulls the nose flesh outward, lifts the skin of the nose, and opens the nasal passages.

Internal nasal strips work the same way but from the inside. Instead of pulling on the outside of the nose, it will push outward.

Studies show that both types of these nasal strips work wonders when it comes to reducing snoring but the internal strips tend to be more effective.

3. Use Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

The same as a nose strip, reducing snoring can be effective when using anti-snoring mouthpieces. These can be found over the counter as well in pharmacies so it is easy to be found and used.

The technique these mouthpieces and oral appliances have on snoring is done with a small jaw adjustment only. These mouthguards are designed to fit into your teeth and then move your jaw slightly forward. This small adjustment works on reducing snoring with little effort.

4. Reduce Weight

Doctors believe that weight loss is the most effective way to tackle vibrations that happen when air is obstructed to move through the airway which causes the floppy soft tissue to flap and make a noise called snoring. Obesity causes obstructive sleep apnea when untreated.

Based on research, losing 3 kg of your weight can help limit this out-of-control situation. In addition, if 7.5 kg was burnt it would be enough to fully eliminate the nuisance. Otherwise, suddenly losing a large amount of weight is useless and you will keep snoring. 

Lose weight moderately to avoid drawbacks.

5. Quit Smoking

Snoring is relatively related to smoking. Quitting smoking can assist with your loud night breathing problem. Usually, kids of parents who smoke tend to snore greater.

The reason smoking increases the chance of snoring lies in the respiratory problems that happen. The lungs get affected and the nasal passage as well. Quitting smoking is important not only for snoring but also for its hazardous health issues.

6. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is known for being risky for your body and health in general. Sleep disorders may increase as alcohol intake increases.

Not only does alcohol increase snoring, but it also increases the chances of obstructive sleep apnea. Alcohol is dose-related. Start cutting down your alcohol intake to decrease the intensity of snoring.

7. Go for Surgeries

Not everything snore-related is of bad routines. Physical issues have to be treated medically. Certain surgeries are known for being effective to decrease snoring. These types of surgeries should be discussed and overseen by a specialist doctor.

Snoring Can Be Treated. Are You Frustrated Still?

You and your sleep partner, sibling, kid, or any other person that shares a home with you will be more comfortable when small adjustments are done. Mattresses as well are an essential part to let you be more comfortable during your sleep and thus decreasing the probability of snoring.

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Written by: Venus Marwani

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