What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?

Whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this tells a lot about your personality. We spend a third of our lives sleeping to give our body the rest it needs to function throughout the day.

When it comes to sleeping positions, the way you sleep reveals a lot of what personality you are. Every one of the three sleeping positions includes different positions as well.

Each position has a name and resembles a specific personality. Let us start showcasing the personality traits from the way you sleep.


Side Sleepers

  1. Log Sleeper

The sleeper lays down, the legs are straight, and the arms are supported.

Sleeping like a log, lying sideways, with the legs extended and the arms in place, is the second most popular position. This sleeping position looks stiff but it is actually not.

Log sleepers are usually sociable, carefree, and get along with people of all kinds. They are also so trustworthy that they can seem a bit foolish to outsiders.

Log rollers are when you are on your side and your arms are on your side. This position aligns the back and neck making it one of the best positions. Pillows or blankets can also be placed between the knees in this position to relieve discomfort.


  1. The Dreamer

They sleep on their side but their hands extend in front of them.

A derivative of the log position is the position of the dreamer you lie down on, but with your arms outstretched. The dreamer longs to keep the spine straight along the natural curve of the spine, supported by a mattress and stretched, making it suitable for supporting the back.

In this position, you may have numbness in your arms, neck, and shoulders, but don’t worry. Of course, it can be easily solved by adding a pillow. Place the pillow under your arm or if you feel comfortable, hug it while you sleep.

Studies have proven that dreamers are outgoing and open yet they may be suspicious of making new friends. The yearning dreamers also are cautious when making decisions, however, as soon as their minds are set, they’re set on that path.


Back Sleepers

  1. Sleepy Soldier

A person sleeping in a soldier position is sleeping on his back with his arms straight down.

Sleepy soldiers are strong, focused, and very quiet people who avoid fuss. They love discipline and take it very seriously.

The sleepy soldier is a common sleeping position and helps a good mattress to do the job. This is one of the best positions, especially if you don’t use a lot of pillows, as you can get your back and neck aligned properly. It keeps the neck in a neutral position, reduces the possibility of early wrinkles, and allows for even weight distribution without pressure on the shoulders and spine.

This position helps with the symptoms of acid reflux disease.


  1. The Shooting Star

A unique sleeping style with legs extended and arms extended to the top. They are also called starfish sleepers.

The shooting star position is uncommon and the least popular style out of all the styles. Starfish sleepers are unconditional, very loyal friends, and prioritize relationships. They love to be supportive and always be problem solvers to their friends’ problems.

Due to the shooting star shape, they look like they are reaching their arms out for a hug.

This sleeping position as well increases the chance of snoring so it is not recommended for those dealing with sleep apnea and disturbance.


Stomach Sleepers

  1. The Skydiver

The person sleeps on his stomach, head on one side of the pillow, and arms wrapped under the pillow.

As the name implies, skydiver sleepers have outgoing, playful, and truly entertaining personalities. While they may seem free-spirited, skydivers’ sleepers are secretly worried and covet control of the situation.

This sleeping position takes up space and benefits from at least a queen or king-size mattress. Skydiving positions may sound like an adventure, but in reality, it’s one of the worst ways you can sleep.

This position flattens the natural curve of the spine while crunching the delicate muscles that protect the area, creating tension that can lead to back pain and airway obstruction, thus causing neck and back pain.


  1. The Baby

The baby position is when a person sleeps on his side and his legs curled up like a baby underneath them.

It is not strange for sleeping in this position as it is our fetal position in the womb. The person that uses this position has a very tough exterior to hide his timid, sensitive, and soft interior.

Sleeping in the baby’s position is also recommended by sleep professionals as a position to minimize sleep interruptions. It’s definitely one of the best places to align your spine and one of the best places to sleep for back pain. The fetal position has a bad reputation as it can stress the neck and back joints but with a decent pillow and a high-quality mattress, this is not a problem.


Sleep the Way You Feel Most Comfortable

Despite knowing what is the best sleeping position for your body alignment and what is not, sleep the way you feel most comfortable. Whatever the position is, if you fall asleep more comfortably that way then let it be.


Written by: Venus Marwani

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