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Halbawi for Industry and Trade is a leading company specialized in manufacturing and trading of raw materials for upholstery and furniture industry.

Halbawi's long history dates back to the early fifties. Today we are proud to introduce our selves as leaders in P/U foam, mattresses, upholstery, linen, and sofa bed.

Halbawi for Industry and Trade Co.

This subsidiary company specializes in upholstery and basic raw materials and includes the full range of upholstery material. Our FOMACO-manufactured products comply with the highest standards in the industry. We are also considered as largest importer of bulk foreign products such as cotton, Hessian fabric and other material. Our variety of products sold in wholesale or retail come as follows:

-          P/U Foam in 7 different densities.

-          Staples for both pneumatic and hand applications.

-          Elastic webbings. Four different variations are available.

-          Hessian Cloth.

-          Kapok Cotton.

-          Polyester fiber padding.

-          Upholstery nails.

-          Zippers.

-          Bonnell Springs.

-          Zigzag.

-          Adhesives & glues.

-          Air & Hand Tackers.

-          Plus a host of other accessories.

With this wide selection, we assure our customers are provided with high-quality products at the best competitive prices possible. The overall package is just an opportunity not to miss.