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Showrooms in Lebanon

Foma Suite

Are you not getting enough good sleep at night? Or do you intend to upgrade to a more comfortable and better mattress? Or would you simply like to know what new products are available. Welcome to Foma Suite.

At Foma Suite, we offer you an impressive array of bedroom furnishings and accessories that cater to all tastes and needs. From mattresses to bed linen, you will definitely find what you have in mind. Here is your chance to dive in the world of Foma Suite, where sleep is re-defined.

Bed Covers

At Foma Suite, we offer a variety of elegantly-styled Italian bedcovers to suit different taste and budgets. We have developed our own designs and collections to respond to our customer's fabric preference. You can also choose from our goose feather fabric duvets (95 down) in both summer and winter collections and from our polyester fabric duvets.

Bed Linen

You will definitely like our eye-catching, luxurious, rich and soft furnishings from major European and American suppliers. And if you would like to go local, we are proud of our production in which we use the finest imported fabrics from Europe ad America.

Since we are stockers of fine, fabric we are positioned to entertain large orders for hotels and furnished apartments. Hence, you can make your own blend of bed covers, curtains and bed head-covers to meet your individual needs. The same is offered to individual consumers at the retail level.

You can choose from:

- Bed sheets and Linen

- Bed spreads and Covers

- Comforters, Quilts, Feather Duvets and Blankets

- Mattress protectors and Valences

- Pillows and Cushions

- Towels and Bathroom Accessories

- Other complimentary products


Complement any new sleep set with a beautiful headboard and footboard which you can also select at our showrooms. Check our assortment of cherry-wood-made headboards. Moreover, we offer headboards made of beech wood and hybrid wood, as well as completely upholstered. All headboards are constructed on a sturdy wooden chassis.


Available in different designs, in double and single sizes, you can choose from our selection of sofas which merge between elegance and practicality. They are readily and discretely convertible to comfortable beds by a simple hand pull.

With our sofa beds, you do not have to worry about changing sofas every now and then. They will not sag. This is because the base is constructed from kiln-dried slatted beech wood, while the support chassis is made of high-resistance steel, protected by furnace-treated epoxy coating.

Come visit our showroom and choose what appeals to you.


Halbawi industry and trade is a leading company specialized in manufacturing and trading of raw materials for upholstery and furniture industry.

Halbawi's long history dates back to the early fifties. Today we are proud to introduce our selves as leaders in P/U foam, mattresses, upholstery, linen, and sofa bed.

Halbawi for Industry and Trade Co.

This subsidiary specializes in upholstery basic raw materials and includes the full range of material for upholstery. Our FOMACO-manufactured products comply with the highest standards in the industry. We are also considered as the largest importer of bulk foreign products such as cotton, Hessian fabric and other material. Our variety of products sold as wholesale or retail is as follows:

-    P/U Foam in 7 different densities.

-    Staples for both pneumatic and hand applications.

-    Elastic webbings. Four different variations are available.

-    Hessian Cloth.

-    Kapok Cotton.

-    Polyester fiber padding.

-    Upholstery nails.

-    Zippers.

-    Bonnell Springs.

-    Zigzag.

-    Adhesives & glues.

-    Air & Hand Tackers.

-    Plus a host of other accessories.

With this wide selection, we assure our customers our high-quality products at the best competitive prices. So seize the opportunity and pass by!


FOMATEX store is an important outlet in the FOMACO group chain. FOMATEX is designed to provide its customers with an array of quality service and high-standard products regarding various sleep and home accessories. This outlet compliments our line with the following:

-    FOMA mattresses.

-    Sofa Beds.

-    Bed Linen.

-    Bed Covers.

At Fomatex's showroom, Sofa Beds are available in different styles:

Magic: Sofa with adjustable sides. It can be transformed into a double bed easily with a smooth movement. The sides of the sofa can be changed from the vertical to the horizontal position through different levels.


  • The bed includes adjustable head and foot rest.


  • The frame is made of high resistance iron tube.


  • It is provided with laths of multi-layer beech wood.


  • Epoxy painting.


  • Available in one size: 130x200 cm

Elite: Sofa that can be transformed into a double bed with a smooth movement.


  • The frame is made of high resistance iron tube.


  • It is provided with laths of multi-layer beech wood.


  • Epoxy painting.


  • Available in one size: 130x200 cm

Concorde: Sofa bed that can be used in different ways, it can be converted into bed easily by hand.


  • It is provided with laths of multi-layer beech wood.


  • The frame is made of high resistance iron tube.


  • Epoxy painting.


  • Available in 3 sizes

Concord    One seat    Two seats    Three seats

Width x height    80x190    120x190    160x190

Bed mechanism: A Luxury sofa that can be converted to a bed by a gentle hand pull


  • The sofa bed is made with highly resistant steel tube.


  • Epoxy painting.


  • Rectangular metal mesh consisting of fully zinc-chromed steel spring.


  • Thick mattresses of foam are used in this action.


  • Available in three different sizes:

Beds Mechanisms    One seat    Two seats    Three seats

Width x height    80x190    110x190    160x190

In short, FOMATEX is a one-stop shop to take care of your different needs at affordable prices. Our staff is always delighted to welcome you and make you enjoy your shopping experience.

Factory Showroom

FOMACO offers its customers a sale point right at its factory premises. Our staff there will be more than happy to cater your needs and act promptly and to meet your specific needs.

We highly encourage you to visit our factory and select what you need from the following products:

-    FOMA Mattresses.

-    P/U Foam cit to your specific requirements.

-    Upholstery basic materials.

-    Elastic Webbings.

-    Hand & Pneumatic Staples