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Terms of Usage

FOMACO LLC presents this website and permits its usage as per the following conditions:

1-      Your usage of this website implies your acceptance of these conditions. If you do not fully agree with these conditions, your access to this website shall be deemed as one without permission, and you should immediately cease its usage.

2-      FOMACO upholds the right to amend these conditions whenever it deems appropriate.

3-      You approve of using this website for legal purposes only. You shall abstain from transmitting or broadcasting any material via this website which would violate or breach the rights of others, or restrict or prevent their usage of this website, or which would involve any illegal matter, threat, abuse, libel or assault against the privacy of others or other people's copyrights, or which would hold prejudice to religions and sanctities or infringe upon their respect, or that might be unacceptable for any other reason or that might incite the perpetration or a crime or a violation incurs a civil liability or breaches the law.

4-      You may not copy the material in this website or reproduce or re-publish it or re-broadcast in any means, except for you personal and non-commercial purposes.

5-      You may not modify the material in this website or manipulate it or cite it for the use of new work or use it for any purpose unless it is personal and non-commercial.

6-      The material found in this website shall be presented as it is, without confirmations or explicit or implicit guarantees on its validity for any specific purpose or its adequacy with any other material or its inclusion of any violations of others' rights, or its honesty or correctness.

7-      You explicitly approve of being responsible for using this website. You shall incur all the risks resulting from that. You shall also agree that FOMACO LLC, or any of the members of its board of directors, employees, agents, the people providing this website with content or those licensing FOMACO to use or any of them, does not guarantee that the service provided in this website will not be interrupted or void of errors, or that any flaws therein would be corrected, or that the website or the method of presenting this material are void of viruses or software defects. Hence, you should check the content on your own responsibility.

8-      FOMACO's website preserves the data of its members on operating devices, databases and protection systems of high proficiency. You shall agree that the website saves your personal data and uses it for its involved sections. You shall also accept not we do not give this data to any commercial or non-commercial foundation or company unless your explicit approval is obtained. You shall also agree that the website does not bear the responsibility of leaking part or the entire data of the member because of theft or sabotage undertaken by hackers. Neither the website nor any of its administrators bears the responsibility for the damage or loss of these data for any reason whatsoever. You shall approve of entering them into the website for free. You shall also agree on the website's right to halt the privileges offered to the subscribers at any time and without prior notice.

9-      Neither FOMACO LLC nor any person who co-prepares, produces or distributes any of the material in this website bears any responsibility for any direct or indirect physical or moral damage resulting from the use of this website, or incapacity to use it, or from any error or deletion or flaw in it, or from the invalidity of the information he provides, or from any delay or interruption of broadcast.

10-  You shall agree to compensate FOMACO LLC, managers, employees and agents for any of loss they incur as a result of website misuse.

11-  All the rights in this website, including copyrights, rights of publishing, and the rights of property of the website's information and content are upheld by FOMACO LLC, or are licensed to be used by FOMACO or are used by FOMACO as per the law.

12-  These conditions are subject to the Lebanese laws, and only Lebanese courts shall enjoy the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate resulting conflicts.