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About Us

FOMA Bedding Company is a factory direct source for quality sleep products with almost 30 years of experience in making quality, affordable mattresses and Divans. This experience means that we can offer the best product that is most suitable for your needs. Our products are built with only the finest materials around, which is why these FOMA mattresses are the epitome of luxuriousness, style and above all high quality.

We take every care to make sure that each mattress we make will hold up to the rigorous requirements associated with consumer needs & hotels. Yet we make them with your comfort and relax in mind.

Five cardinal features that say it all!


A good mattress is conducive to healthy sleep, and this is what FOMA mattresses aims to maintain. A FOMA mattress is just another synonym for comfort.


FOMA mattresses maintain the natural shape of the spinal column, and hence, providing the required support for your body which enables you to sleep comfy and wake up comfy.


A good mattress is a safe mattress. FOMA mattresses have flame retardant ticking and anti-bacterial properties.


A good mattress lasts longer. FOMA mattresses are tailored to endure and are resistant to sagging and being worn out.


Who said that a good mattress means an expensive one? With FOMA mattresses, you do not have to worry about getting money out of your pocket. We combine quality and affordable prices, with a 10-year guarantee.