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How many hours of sleep do you get in typical night?
Less than five hours
Six hours
Seven hours
More than seven hours
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If you want to dream at night, you'll need to ensure you sleep deeply - this is where FOMACO's mattresses can help. 

If you can't get a good night' sleep you won't fall into a deep enough sleep to dream. But if we are constantly tossing and turning all night it can feel like we haven't slept a wink. We guarantee that our mattresses can significantly reduce tossing and turning thanks to the fact that they mould to the body and relieve pressure points. This means that our mattresses support your body, making conditions more conducive to deep sleep. With FOMACO, you won't be woken by bumps or lumps in your mattress - it doesn't sag and there are no noisy springs. We promise you "Sweet Dreams" with FOMACO.