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Upholstery supplies

FOMACO specializes in importing and exporting the full range of basic products which are utilized in the upholstery and furniture industry, as well as the manufacturing of the following lines:

-          Flexible slab stock P/U foams (densities ranging from 15 to 42 kg/m3)

-          Foam and spring mattresses under brand name FOMA, in three varieties, namely, Orthopedic, Pocket Spring, conventional Spring, and 100% foam.

-          Elastic webbings under brand name GOMATEX.

-          Polypropylene yarn (250 to 2500 denier)

-          Staples for wood and fabrics under brand name HISCO.

We also import and trade in the following products:
- Hessian fabric.
- High quality (Kapok) cotton.
- Bonnell Springs.
- Polyester Fiber Batting.
- Jute Ropes.
- Upholstery Nails and Staplers.
- Adhesive Products.
- Other Complimentary Products.

FOMACO has distinguished itself as the largest and most diversified high quality foam mattress producer since its inception in 1985. A proof of that is manifested in its large market share and its use of the latest technological techniques, utilizing the MAXFOAM processing concept. This is complemented by the implementation of strict quality control measures and compliance with international standards. Thanks to state-of-art machinery, cutting and production control takes final shape on high precision and completely automated German saws.
Please refer to the below mentioned types of foam produced through our standard line of production.

Density Color Soft/Hard
15 White  
18 Gray  
20 Gray  
25 Gray  
27 Pink Soft
28 Gray Medium
28 Gray Hard
36 Gray Soft
36 Gray Hard
42 Gray Soft