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Royal: Its traditional inner box module is made of high count 2.2 mm and its springs rest on multi-layers of foam, polyether fiber and cotton. Although it retains most of the qualities of the upper bracket generic series, it is priced at affordable levels.

1.      Jacquard fabric ticking quilted on multi needle machine.

2.      Polyester staple fiber padding.

3.      Resilient P/U foam panel for comfort and support.

4.      Interfacing isolator membrane.

5.      4 cm thickness of high quality P/U foam.

6.      thermo bonded hard felt.

7.      Bonnell spring heat-treated for stress relief and rust proofing.

8.      Frame board with 4 mm gauge oil tempered wire.

9.      Overall height: 24 cm.

10.  7 years guarantee.